Healthy Lunches Made Easier

Many people report that lunch is the most difficult meal to eat healthy. This is true for adults as well as teens and youth. Eating outside the home can be challenging. Options are either to plan for, prepare, and pack healthy foods or to dine out. We all know dining out is more convenient; however, it is also more expensive, and often less healthy. Whether you are a veteran to the work-force or you are preparing for your child’s upcoming school year, Bentology provides excellent products and resources for keeping lunches healthy, affordable, and fun!

The Bento Box structure promotes healthy eating by:

  • Encouraging foods from a variety of food groups
  • Enforcing portion control
  • Enticing children as well as adults with visually exciting foods
  • Engaging families in meal planning

The website offers excellent menu and recipe ideas. In addition, you can find menus for many dietary needs (ie: gluten-free, vegetarian) on Pinterest under, Bentology Living.

So worry no longer about what to pack for lunch. Check out Bentology today and find your answers at:

Let’s make the 2015-2016 school year, the healthiest yet!

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