Healthy Dressings and Not Homemade!

Sometimes it is hard to have it all. This is especially true when it comes to healthy eating. We want top notch ingredients, at a reasonable price, conveniently prepared, and delicious! Usually, we compromise and settle for less than perfect. Historically, in order to have a healthy salad dressing or sandwich topping, or marinade, you had to make your own. Healthy and convenient alternatives were not available. That doesn’t sound difficult, but for the business executive/parent/committee leader/caretaker, it is harder than it sounds.

This week I would like to highlight a terrific company offering healthier alternatives in the dressing and marinade department, an arena of foods usually thought to undermine the value of your salad or crudités because of unhealthy fats, sodium, and chemical preservatives.


TESSEMAE’s All Natural, a Whole 30-approved line.

Tessemae’s uses organic, heart-healthy ingredients like:

* High oleic sunflower oil (similar benefits to olive oil)

* Cage-free eggs

* Lemon

* Organic vinegar

* Herbs and spices

Their products are free of soybean oil, monosodium glutamate, gluten, dairy, gums, and artificial ingredients. And they are low sodium with only 65mg per serving compared to 260mg in most commercial dressings and more in marinades.

I am thrilled with these products because it can be heart-breaking to encourage clients to build healthy veggie-rich salads and dishes only to have them insist on coating them with unhealthy dressings. And, truth be told, most people are not giving up their ranch to make homemade olive oil vinaigrette!

Well, good news! Now you do not have to. And, if you enjoy packing raw veggies or a salad for work, you can tote a bottle along, or keep it stored in your office. You can even slip it into your bad for dinners out. Bottom line, you do not have to compromise in order to have a convenient and healthy salad anywhere.

Tessemae’s products are sold locally at Food Lion, Harris Teeter, The Fresh Market, Earth Fare, and Whole Foods. Their website lists many other vendors you can also check out within your area.

This year, make a change by making salads and convenient meals truly healthy using the reformed products that support your new lifestyle. The choice may break a long tradition of how you do salads, however, without new traditions, we won’t have new outcomes.

Check out Tessemae’s website today for products and amazing recipes!

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