Gluten Free with BFree Foods by Lisa Johnson, RD

This is a promising new line for the gluten-free consumer. BFree offers whole grain, high fiber breads, wraps, and pastas without the allergen, gluten. Everyone loves the convenience and satisfaction of breads, wraps, and pastas; yet sadly GF products usually compromise texture and flavor. These are soft and pliable, and packed with healthy nutrients and fibers from grains and seeds like quinoa, oats, and chia. They also use sweet potatoes for an interesting twist!

These products are available locally at Harris Teeter. The New Garden store in Greensboro has the full array of breads, wraps, pitas, bagels, baguettes, and ciabatta rolls! Try combining them with these healthy additions for quick and healthy GF meals:

* Avocado, shredded carrot, sliced olive, lettuce, turkey, cheese

* Egg, cheese, salsa

* Nut butters plus banana, apples, or berries

* Tomato bruschetta

* Chicken, tuna or salmon salad with celery and grapes

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