Finding Nori

Sushi is becoming as common to the American palate as a Happy Meal. And, that is good news because it can be a very healthy and convenient lunch. Almost any grocery store has a sushi bar at which you can buy a satisfying and nourishing omega 3-rich lunch for less than $10. Most people choose sushi because they actually like it, and they know that it is healthier than the combo meal. But, doubtful, they know just how really healthy it can be, with that lovely nori wrap included.

Nori is seaweed. A vegetable from the sea! It is rich in protein and fiber, iron, calcium, antioxidants and iodine. Nori is one of the best foods to nourish the thyroid and has many other healthy benefits such as lowering cholesterol and strengthening bones. Nori is especially beneficial because it can be used in the replacement of less healthy foods like bread or chips. Nori wraps are not just for sushi, you know!

Try nori as a wrap for your favorite sandwich or add torn pieces to your salad for crunch. Roasted nori can also be enjoyed as a very low calorie salty-crunchy chip alternative.

Raw nori sheets are available at your local healthy grocers and roasted nori can be found almost anywhere on the Asian food aisle. If you have not discovered the wonders of nori it is time you do!

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