Festive Foods

It is time once again to recognize our independence as a nation. As you prepare to celebrate, remember that holidays do not have to be downslide for healthy eating. As we think about making lifestyle changes, changes that will last, we change our lifestyle! That means that if holidays used to be a time when there were no dietary boundaries, that now healthy initiatives are still in place (and in line with the “new you”)!

I believe that a large part of learning to actually desire and enjoy healthier foods is to think about how good they are for you. People talk about craving sugar, but I believe our bodies truly crave nutrition. However, when we give it empty calories instead, it is not satisfied; and so it still says “more!” Thus, we mistakenly say we have “uncontrolled cravings.”

If you want to be sure you are satisfied on this upcoming holiday, and you don’t want to overdo it consider applying some of these festive tips below. You will be fit, fueled and full of holiday fashion!

* Choose lean proteins for the grill like chicken or sirloin kabobs with vegetables.

* Serve fibrous vegetables like homemade slaw.

* Enjoy vegetable starches like grilled corn or seasoned beans.

* Serve festive fruits for dessert.

* Quench your thirst with sparkling water with berries.

Remember, holidays are more fun when you’re healthy! Be safe, and enjoy your Fourth of July!

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