Choose your Challenge

Why is Choose Your Challenge the program for YOU?

  • Confused about what your friends say is the best: keto, Whole 30, intermittent fasting, cardio vs strength training?
  • You have bought the books and the exercise programs and had little success
  • Tried the nationally known programs that promise success, yet you don’t feel like they work for you
  • Followed the celebrities on Instagram and wonder if that will work for you
  • Attempted doing it on your own but struggle to be accountable to yourself

This is the program for you if:

  • You need accountability to be able to focus on 1 single behavior change
  • You need an expert to direct you to correct information that will not harm you or your physical health
  • You need something personalized to you – not general cookie-cutter generic information
  • You are ready to invest in yourself this year
  • You want to kick off the New Year the right way and with the help of someone else to cheer/support you on this new behavior change

Why Christie RD can help:

  • We have experience working with hundreds of clients who have been struggling with behavior change and have been successful with our assistance and guidance
  • We get to know you first in order to make sure your goals are realistic and can fit into your lifestyle
  • We offer a customized plan that will meet your needs
  • We have the knowledge from our degrees in nutrition combined with the experience of counseling clients that make us a great asset to you

Here’s what you get:

  • Initial 1-on-1 session either in person or by teleconference
  • 6 weekly phone check-in calls (15 minutes) in length
  • Individualized plan
  • Journal to log your progress, take notes and write down your questions
  • 6 weeks with support, a plan, and resources to make you successful

What’s the cost:

  • $497 which is due at time of enrollment
  • $30 discount for those that register before January 1st


Will you bill insurance for this?
No-since this is a premium package, it will not be billed through insurance.
How many sessions are included?
It is a total of 7-an initial consult plus 6 weekly phone check-ins.
Do I have to come to the office for my appointments?
No-the best thing about this program is that it is convenient for all. The initial consult can be done via teleconference and the weekly check-ins are done by phone.
Why do I have to pick 1 challenge? I want to change all the behaviors that are listed.
We want this to be a focused program and we know that it is best to work on one behavior change for the 6 weeks instead of trying to change multiple things at once.
What happens when the program is over?
No worries-we won’t leave you! We can offer maintenance programs or check-ins depending on what you and your dietitian believe is best for you.
When is the deadline to register?
The deadline to register for the program is Friday, January 31, BUT the program is limited to the first 10 participants. We know these spots will fill up quick so don’t wait to register! We are offering a $30 discount for those people that register before January 1st.
How quickly can I get started?
The program will kick off Monday January 6. Once you register for the program, you will get your initial consult scheduled and start the program. No worries, if you register after January 6th you will start the program after your registration is complete. You have until January 31st to start the program.

Are you ready to Choose Your Challenge and get started on your best year yet?