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The Important Vitamin You’re Probably Not Getting Enough Of by Cari Culp, RD

With all the dreary weather we’ve been having and the winter months upon us, I’d be remiss if I didn’t take some time to discuss the importance of vitamin D. Also known as the “sunshine vitamin,”  we get most of our vitamin D from the sun. When we are exposed to sunlight, our skin, liver and… Continue Reading

How Clean is Your Drinking Water? by Cari Culp, RD

Maybe you’ve made some positive health changes recently. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is one that I discuss frequently with my clients. But, how often do you think about whether the water you’re drinking is clean?  I think it’s a pretty important thing to think about. The body is over 60% water and uses it for everything… Continue Reading

Healthy Habits for a Happy Life

Healthy habits make being healthy easy because they are not based on trying…they are based on living. When we talk about being healthier or losing weight; we often say we are “trying.” Trying defines the period between recognizing you need to change and actually changing. Trying is exhausting and ineffective because it cannot produce results.… Continue Reading

Bone Stock Makes Healthy Soups Simple

Historically, making a true homemade soup was a labor of love. Hence the market shelves are full of prepared options to spare you the time involved in slow-cooking your stock. However, the stock is really the making or breaking point of the soup. There is little that is more nourishing than a homemade bone stock… Continue Reading

Life changing service, especially this time of year!

This time of year is always hectic-places to go and people to see so time is of the essence. I wanted to share one that I have recently taken advantage of that has truly changed my life (my 12 year old daughter thinks that I am exaggerating but I do believe it has). I am… Continue Reading

Probiotic Benefits

Probiotics have become very popular, yet as with every other healthy trend, there are questions and many confused consumers concerning their use. Probiotics contain healthy microbes or “good bacteria” and they are useful in keeping your gut flora balanced and preventing overgrowth of the “bad” gut bacteria or yeast. Our bodies actually contain more bacteria… Continue Reading