Bone Stock Makes Healthy Soups Simple

Historically, making a true homemade soup was a labor of love. Hence the market shelves are full of prepared options to spare you the time involved in slow-cooking your stock. However, the stock is really the making or breaking point of the soup. There is little that is more nourishing than a homemade bone stock rich in collagen protein. The traditional broth substitutions, however, are rather void of nutrition offering no more than artificially derived flavors and sodium; often from monosodium glutamate under the alias of yeast extract. It is just a shame to take the most nourishing food on earth – grandma’s soup – and process it! Soups are meant to promote health and healing, so I am thrilled to present a true breakthrough in convenience foods…

Pacific Organic Bone Stocks

Now truly healthy soups are just 20 minutes in the making unless you choose the slow-cooker option. That is worth investing when the 1 minute open and heat options can pack up to 1,000mg of sodium, yeast, and high fructose corn syrup with virtually no retained nutrients. Compare the stock labels below:

Generic Stock                       Bone Stock

That is a noteworthy difference in sodium and protein values. And, the Bone Stock is yeast free. In fact, the protein values are so high; you can skimp on adding meat to your recipe and still meet your protein requirements for your meal.

In order to make your favorite soup, simply heat the stock and add your choice of proteins, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and spices. Extremely nourishing soups can be ready in minutes and carried for days as healthy lunch or dinner options.

The Pacific stock is available at many stores locally including Costco. It looks like we have a few more weeks of winter, so grab your stock soon and get cooking. Try this super-simple, protein-rich veggie soup to get started, click here for recipe. You can make it in the slow cooker as directed, or within 30 minutes on the stove. I hope you enjoy it. I am betting you will not go back to the can!

Soup recipe sent from Cook’n – Slow Cooker Savory Superfood Soup

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