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Nutrition Advice & Tips

Christie RD

Probiotic Benefits

Probiotics have become very popular, yet as with every other healthy trend, there are questions and many confused consumers concerning their use. Probiotics contain healthy microbes or “good bacteria” and they are useful in keeping your gut flora balanced and preventing overgrowth of the “bad” gut bacteria or yeast. Our bodies actually contain more bacteria […]

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Concord Grapes, Good and Healthy Too!

I was in the Fresh Market last week, and stumbled upon a treat. Concord grapes are in season! These polyphenol-rich fruits are powerful flavonoids (purple-blue foods) protecting the brain from dementia and the heart from arterial damage. Studies rank Concord grapes higher than blueberries and acai berries in anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-reducing power. Now, I am […]

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