A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

We are on the brink of 2017. This is the time when most of us reflect on the year gone by and contemplate change for the year to come. It is a time when we consider our goals and what we would like to accomplish. We may even lament on what we have not completed thus far.

I’ve had a few clients this year take a very simple yet effective step towards competing goals that too often seem to do nothing but hang over our heads. I thought I would share their strategy with you in the hope that it might help you make this next year a year that brings fulfillment and satisfaction in your life; as well as convince you that you really can do anything you set your mind to do.

The key to success is to not overwhelm yourself which can be quite paralyzing. Sounds good already, right? All you want to do is move into action with deliberate steps and build momentum as you go. All you need is a daily planner-style calendar and a few minutes each day.

Sit down once a week and spend about 15 minutes thinking of daily goals or tasks to accomplish during the next week that would give you not only pleasure, but a sense of accomplishment. Be sure to build in “me time.” Yes, you should plan to be good to yourself! Otherwise, you will never give yourself permission to do it and you will become run down and weary. Simply record these daily tasks on your calendar and commit to prioritize finishing them. Make them simple and doable. In time, you will become more confident and will aim for larger goals; but the idea is become engaged with deliberate action steps, to do what you can do, and to begin to live on purpose. Over time you will get bigger, bolder and braver in challenging yourself with goals to help you achieve your dreams.

Starter ideas for daily activities should include chores you want to complete as well as good deeds, healthy habits, and some indulgences you never seem to have. Your daily commitments may look like these:

* Monday: Try a new salad recipe

* Tuesday: Hold a plank for 2 minutes

* Wednesday: Reach out to an old friend

* Thursday: Include an orange and green veggie with dinner

* Friday: Get a pedicure

* Saturday: Clean my closet

* Sunday: Walk in a new park, I’ve never visited before

Remember, you are simply making it a priority to focus on healthy-lifestyle changes and living on purpose so that you can make life happen instead of allowing life to happen to you.

I hope this sparks interest for you. It will allow you creativity and flexibility in making 2017 a year of great promise and great fun. Setting and meeting these daily goals will not solve all of your problems, but it will propel you into action, motivate you to press onward, and create a year you can reflect on and be proud!

Remember…a little planning goes a long way. Let’s get started today!

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